If you have additional money to set aside for retirement, an annuity's tax-free growth makes sense, especially if you are in a high-income tax bracket today. 


Income Protection

Income protection will pay you a monthly benefit to replace your salary, typical up to 60% of your monthly rate. Lets you cover your debts and expenses while you're out of work. 


Living Benefits (Life) Insurance

In the event of a long-term, catastrophic, or terminal illness, these benefits can be accessed while the policy holder is still alive. There are millions with life insurance that only have a death benefit. Click Tab "MUST SEE VIDEO"


Alternative Health Plans

Did you know there are private health plans for select states (Georgia and others)? These plans have low monthly premiums, low to no copay, low to no deductibles and no co-insurance. You may save thousands of dollars yearly with these select plans. Individual, Group, and Family plan available. No Open Enrollment required (Free to enroll anytime, any month, any day of the year). Plans Starting at $125. 


Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection is a Term Life Insurance Policy (15 to 30 years). It's used to cover your mortgage if you die or encounter financial hardship due to a Terminal, Critical, or Chronic Illness.