Cynthia D. Prather, CEO & Executive Consultant, Chancellor Consulting Firm, LLC

 Thank You Carl Callender for opening your platform “On The Ledge” for Chancellor Consulting Firm, LLC to celebrate our desire to serve Humanity by sharing Time, Financial Prosperity, Knowledge, Vision and Life experiences. It was awesome to have a candid conversation showcasing my insight and Entrepreneurship endeavors. On The Ledge Talk Show allows fellow Entrepreneurs an opportunity to discuss Pros and Cons with regards to perfecting one’s craft, which is a Powerful transparent narrative. Chancellor performs with the spirit of Excellence as we elevate Vision, Mission and Purpose! 

Aleziah Ellis, Author, "Beyond Xen"

 What started as a 10 minute call-in, turned into a great revelation of enlightenment. The opportunity granted to me by Brother Carl encouraged me to go "beyond-the-ledge" allowing me to speak truth to a broader audience while concurrently challenging Carl to not only talk on the ledge, but walk on the ledge into his higher purpose...truly elevating!

Thank you Carl..."Keep  rising"

James Ballenger, Owner, 360 Drone Imaging, LLC

Being on your show gave me exposure to an audience that I could not have reached at one single time. It also allowed me to explain and educate the audience about the wide breadth of roles drones are serving on a daily basis.

Marchet Sparks, Owner, Le Petit Marche

 I was delighted to share my story on Carl's uplifting platform. His program is inspirational and offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to engage his diverse audience. Thank you Carl Callender for a very fun conversation and for your enduring support of small businesses! 

Alysha Harvey, IRS Enrolled Agent, Quickbooks Pro Advisor, Distinct Tax Consulting Group

 Thank you for having Distinct Tax Consulting Group on your radio show to expose effective tax planning, the difference of tax professionals, and tax deadlines. Your radio show is inspirational and motivational to many and I am excited to hear more from you and your guest speakers. 

Sheketta Mister, Founder, Foocology

 Being a guest on "On The Ledge Talk Show" was an engaging experience.  I was honored to be able to share my platform with you and to be given the opportunity to engage with your audience.